According to, Lindsay Lohan "walked away" from shooting the indie film Bill before attending the Sunday night premiere of A Prairie Home Companion. According to rumors, the actress is unhappy with the production and is planning on only working for big name directors from now on (Bill is being shot by first-time directors Bernie Goldmann and Melisa Wallack). Lohan is supposedly now concentrating on her next film, Georgia Rule, which is about sexual abuse and comes from "big name director" Garry Marshall (would you let the helmer of Exit to Eden tackle a serious film about incestuous molestation?).

Good. Who needs Lindsay Lohan in any independent films from new, unknown filmmakers? I'll admit that after Mean Girls I was excited about her career, but she hasn't done anything interesting since. Sure she's in the new Altman film, but who hasn't been in an Altman film? To completely discredit and exclude all novice directors, if this is indeed what she plans on doing, is a sure sign of a spoiled star.

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