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Have this summer's big-budget popcorn movies left you hungry for more substantial entertainment -- a movie that will make you laugh so hard you'll wet your pants at the same time that it creeps into the shadowy recesses of your brain and illuminates a whole new vision of the world around you? Well, my friends, I present you with Elisha Cuthbert's (aka Kim from '24') 'The Girl Next Door,' one of the finest specimens of cinema ever put to celluloid. OK, I'm just messing with you -- although I do have a special place in my heart for the way 'The Girl Next Door' took all the sweetest bits from the best teen flicks of the past 20 years and constructed out of them a kind of Super Teen Movie. It's like all those mechanical lions forming Voltron, the 100-foot tall robot with wings and laser beams for eyes (Side note: 'Voltron' is long overdue for a movie of its own).

Jesus Is Magic DVD

But I digress. I actually don't really know a movie that is both truly enlightening and off-the-wall funny. But if you're looking for a smart, witty, hilarious alternative to flicks in theaters, 'Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic' arrives on DVD tomorrow, and it's so wet-your-pants funny that it comes pre-packaged with a fresh pair of undies (not really). Sarah Silverman doesn't ring any bells? You may know her from such roles as Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend, the annoying girlfriend of Jack Black's roommate in 'School of Rock,' and my future girlfriend who I accidentally met in my office kitchen last Friday. She also happens to be one of the most un-PC, potty-mouthed, incendiary comics on the planet.

'Jesus Is Magic' is the big-screen version of Silverman's one-woman off-Broadway show, and it combines the comedienne's wacky musical numbers -- singing 'You're Gonna Die Soon' to the patients at a nursing home is a high point -- and her envelope-pushing stand-up comedy. Silverman bravely and unapolagetically dares to go where most comics would not, poking fun at everything from religion to the "alleged" Holocaust to teen pregnancy. This kind of comedy may sound in poor taste, but its hot-button nature only serves to make it more relevant. Still, if you're easily offended, you may want to steer clear of this flick (and maybe say a Hail Mary or two on my behalf). But if you have an open mind and the courage to let Sarah win you over, she will. Oh yes ... she will.


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