Like any young movie geek who was madly in love with Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, I was eagerly anticipating his follow-up, From Beyond, when it first debuted on VHS. And the result ... let's just say that I loved the gore, but I didn't "get" the plot. (Hey, I was 14.) And since the flick has yet to be released on DVD, I haven't been able to give it the second chance it obviously deserves. But get this: On June 10th, a network (I don't have) called Monsters HD will be presenting a fully-remastered and extra-splattery Director's Cut of From Beyond. Cool! That means a DVD can't be far behind!

This news has been percolating at the horror sites for quite some time, but hey, June 10th is next week, right? Go check your cable or satellite listings to see if you get Monsters HD. (Then be sure to record the flick and send me a copy!) In the meantime, here's a trailer for the Director's Cut presentation, and if your cubicle resides next to someone who can't stand goopy monsters with forehead tentacles, then it's probably not work-safe.

Based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft, and starring the likes of Jeffrey Combs, Ken Foree, and Barbara Crampton, From Beyond was not the smash-success follow-up that Re-Animator could have yielded, but there's a large legion of gorehounds who dig it all the same.
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