Who knew Rosalind Russell had ever been photographed in such a way? The characters I've seen her play in films have always been much less ethereal. I always imagine Russell wearing some sort of amazing hat, from her tweedy ensemble in His Girl Friday to her bizarre costumes in The Women to her masterpieces of fashion in Auntie Mame and back to the tweedy look again in Gypsy. I can only assume the above publicity still was taken during her early years at MGM, before anyone discovered her flair for comedy.

Russell was born on June 4, 1907; she'd be 99 now, but died in 1976 from breast cancer. His Girl Friday is in the public domain and you can watch it online, but as Karina reported, the quality is not very good. You might do better to spend a little money renting the DVD. Sadly, most of Russell's early Forties comedies aren't available on DVD (My Sister Eileen, Design for Scandal, Take a Letter, Darling) but you might be able to catch them on cable.
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