Because he's apparently opposed to both time to breathe and vacations of any kind, Will Smith has signed on to star in yet another movie: To the list that already includes I Am Legend, Tonight, He Comes, Greenbacks, and It Takes a Thief, we now need to add Seven Pounds. According to Variety, the movie is a drama about "a man intent on killing himself who falls in love before he can do the deed." Hmm. Does that sound like a really short movie to anyone else? He's going to kill himself, but then falls in love and decides not to. And ... credits. What'll that take, like 10 minutes maybe?

Anyway. I guess, if nothing else, we should give Smith credit for trying not to get stuck in a genre rut -- in just those five films, he's got a sci-fi picture (I Am Legend), an superhero-in-crisis drama (Tonight, He Comes), a international thriller (Greenbacks) and an action-oriented based-on-a-TV-series flick (It Takes a Thief), and now there's a straight-up drama as well. Either people think Smith can act, or they're confident enough of his box office power that they don't really care whether he's going to be good or not, because people will pay to see him in anything. Either way, he's probably not going to be clipping coupons any time soon.
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