According to Zhang Ziyi, she's signed an old-school-style studio deal with The Weinstein Company to star in three films that they'll produce. In addition the rather horrifying-sounding remake of Seven Samurai (And people, The brilliance of The Magnificent Seven is in now way a vote in favor of this new remake -- if anything, it's another reason not to do it. I mean, that lightning is just NOT going to strike twice.) in which she's allegedly slated to share the screen with Donnie Yen and George Clooney, Zhang is also penciled-in to star in a period drama about Chinese folk heroine Mulan (yes, you've heard of her).

The subject of the third film has not yet been revealed, but I'm still completely confused by this whole deal. Do contracts like this actually exist anymore, or is Zhang just lumping three different deals into a single conversation for some reason?
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