Well, this sounds grim. Apparently feeling his cinematic ventures haven't had quite enough violence in them recently, Kevin Baconhas signed on to star in Death Sentence, a new drama based on a novel by Death Wishauthor Brian Garfield. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie center's on Bacon's character, "a father out for revenge after his family is attacked in a heinous gang-initiation crime." Needless to say, he's really, really pissed. Like, beyond the legal system pissed. So instead of doing that boring old police thing, the father "enacts a death sentence on each person involved in the crime." Ah, the sweet smell of vigilantism.

Not only is the plot incredibly dark and sort of Rambo-sounding (albeit without that whole Viet Nam thing), but the movie is being directed by one James Wan, the writer-director of Saw, and producer of Saws II and III. So yeah, I think it's safe to assume there's going to be a hell of a lot of blood flowing in this one when production begins this fall.
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