I'll openly and proudly admit to loving Marvel comic book cartoons. My childhood was partially defined by the Marvel Power Hour and the fantastic X-Men cartoon, in addition to some animated Spider-Man. My concept of Jubilee probably comes more from the old cartoon than it does from the comic books, as I was not much of a Gen X reader.* Because of this, I delighted in the recent direct-to-DVD animated Marvel film Ultimate Avengers. It wasn't flashy, it wasn't fancy, it was just good, solid, animated Marvel. I don't even read Ultimates with any regularity, and I loved the film. Lucky me, they aren't done yet. Next up in the animated Marvel movies comes a sequel, and you can now catch a quick look at it here, thanks to IGN.

It isn't anything groundbreaking, it just looks like what it is -- more of the same goodness we found in the first flick, so if you enjoyed the first one you've got a lot to be happy about. If you (like many people) did not see the first flick, I suggest you go do so. Or at the very least click on the link above and watch the preview for the second, as it'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

*Yes, I know she showed up first in Uncanny X-Men.
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