For all that I love Marvel movies, here is news of a cancellation which I'm not sad in the least to report. In fact, I think I'm actually grinning while I type this little story. In recognition of the rather poor performance of solo woman superhero flicks, Lionsgate has announced its intention to back out of a deal with Marvel Comics which would have broughtBlack Widow to the big screen in her very own movie. Planned director David Hayter also cited a lack of interest from potential investors and financing agencies, saying they could not find anyone to "take the project and the character seriously." Imagine that.

Look, I know the Black Widow has been around for a long time, has fought alongside some very important people, and has been in the thick of a number of important stories and events -- but is there anyone among us who really thinks she has the strength to carry a movie on her own? I don't think I buy into the inability of female leads to carry a superhero movie however, I just don't think anyone has done a good job of putting together such a flick. I mean so far we've seen ... Elektra and Catwoman, both of which were sorry attempts at filmmaking in general.