Apparently more than certain that the brilliant piece of cinema known as BloodRayne was done in by poor marketing and lazy distribution, Dr. Uwe Boll has filed suit against Billy Zane and his Romar Entertainment for their downright ineptitude where the flick's theatrical release is concerned.

Uwe, you see, was hell-bent on getting BloodRayne released in over 2,000 theaters, which shows just how much the guy knows about American movie audiences. But Romar had some print problems and the flick only made it into about 980 movie houses. The grand tally for BloodRayne's domestic release was just under $2.5 million. (Now, call me nuts, but if they'd struck another 1,020 prints ... they would have lost even more money, so perhaps Billy Zane should be suing Dr. Uwe Boll!)

Anyway, Boll (who probably could use the extra income these days, what with his German tax loopholes being zipped shut) is suing Romar for an undisclosed sum. The suit also claims that Billy Z. stuck half a million into his own pocket, which is kinda weird considering the awesome things Boll had to say about Romar last January.

In related news, Cinematical's Scott Weinberg is filing a civil suit against Uwe Boll for making movies that cost nine bucks a ticket, but are actually only worth about 99 cents. If you've paid to see films like House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, and BloodRayne, join my civil case and get your $27 back.
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