Here's a quicky for you Marvel film junkies. It's not much, but it is a fix -- it'll get you through until tomorrow at least. News has been circulating regarding the sequel to Marvel's Fantastic Four flick. According to a rumor originating from Moviehole dot net, the film has earned itself a title; or at the very least, a working title. Fox Australia Media Schedule has been distributing documents with the title Fantastic Four: The Next Chapter. Tim Story is of course back on board to direct, and all the main actors will be returning to reprise their roles. Of other particular fan note is the appearance of fan favorite Silver Surfer, who will be in his capacity of Herald for Galactus.

If you read this site with any regularity, you know I hold The World's Greatest Comic Magazine* in a very special place in my heart. I have been hoping -- nay, yearning -- for a worthwhile sequel, and the news so far has been promising. It really seems as though the second film has much more potential than the first, particularly with rumors of the Power Cosmic and the Fantasticar ... but seriously, The Next Chapter? This had better be nothing more than a working title, or I'll be seriously disappointed.

*For the Marvel illiterate, the title of World's Greatest Comic Magazine has adorned the cover of nearly every issue of the Fantastic Four comic book.
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