Okay, so now that we're all stoked to see Rob Zombie taking over as director of the next Halloween film, you Michael Myers nuts are going to need something to hold you off until he returns to the big screen. This July 25th, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release Halloween: 25 Years of Terror on DVD. Sadly, it's not some super crazy ultimate collection of every Halloween film to date. Instead, it's kind of like the ultimate retrospective -- a look back to see how a simple man in a white mask affected our lives in such a powerful way.

I wonder, while remembering the films that were, if someone will explain where in the world Halloween 3 came from? Along with a documentary that revisits some of the original locations used in the films, we'll get interviews with everyone and anyone involved in the horror franchise. And yes, that includes you fans. Some of the bonus materials include extensive interviews for Halloween 2 and 3 (Yes! They are going to talk about it!), On-set footage from Halloween 5, some sort of Halloween convention montage, a "Fans of Halloween" featurette and an original artwork gallery. There's some other stuff on there too but, right now, I can't help but obsess over what Mr. Zombie will bring to our beloved serial killer.