If you were reading Cinematical yesterday, you may have picked up on a short piece about a possible new X-Men spin-off film featuring Emma Frost, a character who has yet to make an on-screen appearance for Marvel. I've thought about it for a day now, and still find very little to excite me about the prospect of a White Queen movie (unless it was a Hellions, Hellfire, or Gen X flick). If you knew anything about my Marvel opinions you'd know I've never liked Emma Frost; my close friends long ago tired of me insisting she is irritating and not to be trusted. So I've put on my Geek Thinking Cap and come up with a few suggestions for Marvel on films they could make instead of an Emma Frost movie. I've even kept them vaguely related to the X-Men, so the popular title can be used for spin-off purposes.

1. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart read old comic books for a few hours. It sounds ridiculous (probably because it is ridiculous) but you KNOW you'd watch it and love it. These two actors are the very best thing to happen to the X-Men film franchise (Hugh Jackman is a close second), and their collective dominance of the screen would make nearly any flick worth watching. So I propose they pick up a few of the early X-Men comic books and just read them aloud to us with the cameras rolling. Am I kidding about this? Well ... yes. But only mostly. It might not be much, but it'd be better than a movie about Emma Frost.
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