All the way back in February, we reported on a rumor that had Virginia Madsen playing wife/love interest to Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 4. Basically, after working with her on Firewall, Ford had some nice things to say about the actress, implying that he was hoping she would come aboard the highly anticipated fourth installment of the series.

As always with this kind of rumor, eventually the actor (or actress) in question is asked about the whole what-to-do and, since no offer is official yet, they basically have to laugh it off and say things like, "I think that's the best rumor I ever heard about myself. I so hope it's true, but no, we never really talked about it." And yes, those were her words exactly. While it would be easy for us to give up hope, I still have a feeling Madsen is going to land in this film. Fact is, she's perfect for the part. Why the hell not? Unfortunately, this is the only Indy 4 news we have for you at this time. However, with production said to begin early next year, look for this puppy to heat up its casting in the coming weeks.

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