Odds and ends from Monday:

  • After pleading guilty in the Anthony Pellicano case (I'm wondering how long it will take before this whole thing shows up as a television miniseries?), director John McTiernan is heading back behind the camera, instead of behind bars. With the real-life FBI still investigating the Pellicano scandal and McTiernan's involvement, the Die Hard director will be helming a film called Deadly Exchange. Pic is said to be about a terrorist who hunts down the FBI agent that killed his father 10 years earlier. Too bad, we could've used some of McTiernan on Die Hard 4.0. Oh well.
  • In other terrorist news, Miramax Films (Holy crap -- they're still around!) has snatched up a spec script written by former Onion editor, Robert J. Siegel. Homeland Insecurity will revolve around two Arab-American guys who are mistaken for terrorists while on a business trip in Texas. Knowing Siegel's roots, I'd imagine this one is going to rip on post 9/11 security ... or the lack thereof.
  • Amanda Bynes (Who I like to think of as Lindsay Lohan without all the gossip) has reportedly signed on to star in the movie-turned-musical-turned-movie version of Hairspray. Joining folks like John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Michelle Pfeiffer, Bynes will be playing the role of Penny Pingleton -- best friend to Tracy Turnbald. With Tracy's part still not cast and Ricki Lake obviously out of the picture, I'm wondering who they'll get to fill her shoes? Ooohh, throw Lohan in a fat suit -- how rad would that be?
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