Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • Hey, at least someone's involvement with Lindsay Lohan didn't end in rehab. Chris Pine, who co-starred with Lohan in Just My Luck, is in final negotiations to star in an untitled post-apocalyptic thriller with the Pastor brothers set to write and direct. Pic will revolve around four friends who, while trying to escape a viral pandemic in the American West, discover that it's not the virus they should be escaping, but each other. Recently, Alex Pastor was awarded the Sundance jury prize for his international short, The Natural Route (or La Ruta Natural). Here's hoping this new route propels these boys to bigger and better places.
  • What is it about Las Vegas that's just so funny? The sex? The crime? The drugs? The booze? The bankruptcy? Actually, all of that is pretty hilarious -- strike that first sentence. 20th Century Fox has pre-emptively dropped a boat-load of money on a comedy pitch by Dana Fox (no relation ... I think) with Michael Aguilar and Dean Georgaris set to produce. The plot for Untitled Vegas Comedy (has a nice ring to it, right?) is being kept under wraps, but folks are saying it's a romantic comedy in the vein of Wedding Crashers. This leads us to assume it will have something to do with all of those Vegas quickie weddings and three-legged trapeze artists. Okay, so the three-legged trapeze artist was my idea ... but a boy can dream, right?
  •  I've always said that if Robert Downey Jr. were ever to become a school principal, life as we know it would get a whole lot cooler. While the actor will not be a real-life principal, he has signed up to play one in a film called Charlie Bartlett. Also starring Hope Davis, Anton Yelchin, Kat Dennings and Tyler Hilton, the coming-of-age dark comedy will focus on a wealthy teen who charms his way into becoming his school's resident "psychiatrist." Jon Poll, who has edited for Jay Roach on films like Meet the Fockers and Austin Powers in Goldmember, will make his directorial debut.