Sigh. This is getting a little ridiculous. I mean, I can understand why someone would want to remake The Amityville Horror or The Omen or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: They're well-known movies that have built-in fanbases and lots of handy "name recognition." But The Stepfather...? I mean ... huh?

Joseph Ruben's 1987 follow-up to the wonderfully doofy Dreamscape, The Stepfather is about a mild-mannered lunatic who slaughters his whole family, only to get cozy with a new one right quick. Unfortunately, the new family doesn't always stack up to Stepdad's lofty standards, which means that knives are more than likely to become involved before all is said and done. Written by genre master Donald E. Westlake, The Stepfather is actually quite the solid little B-movie, and one that features a fantastically unhinged performance by Terry O'Quinn.

So yeah: Screen Gems is remaking the thing, just like they did The Fog and When a Stranger Calls -- which probably tells you all you need to know about the project. No word yet on who'll be writing / directing the remake, but it'll probably be a newcomer and a refugee from MTV.
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