For some reason, news of the upcoming movie Skinwalkers has somehow entirely escaped my general notice. In fact, I'm not even sure I was aware the film was going to exist until very recently, when I read co-writer James Roday discussing it very excitedly. The film, releasing via Lionsgate this December, is now "in the can," and shooting for what Roday calls a "hard R," although an official MPAA rating has yet to be handed down from the great ivory tower. Here's what Roday had to say about his flick: "We're really pumped. We're really pumped about it. It's kind of a return to, like, basic human interaction storytelling in a genre package, which I feel like we haven't had in a really long time."

The story in brief (from what I understand) is that of a 12 year old child "in the middle" of a battle between warring werewolf factions. Roday describes the story as an "epic, be-all-and-end-all of werewolf movies." I'm sure he feels particularly strongly about the flick as he helped write it an all ... but it's taking quite a stand to call your film the be-all-end-all of werewolf movies. Really, you are just asking for people to deride you before your flick even hits the screen. That said, I always seem to enjoy werewolf flicks even if they're terrible, so I'm sure I'll see this one.
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