Hands up, who doesn't know that any movie about spring break exists entirely as an excuse to get nubile young women and hot frat boys to take off their clothes? Yeah, that's what I thought. But we can see that crap on MTV, pretty much 24-7. Plus, there's always Girls Gone Wild, right? So why the hell do people keep making spring break movies? Does anyone even go see them? Regarding the latter question, at least, Warner Brothers is fervently hoping the answer is a resounding yes: They're producing Spring Breakdown, another dumb-sounding spring break movie with a cast that just might be its saving grace.

Starring indie darling (and proud star of Blade: Trinity) Parker Posey, the incredibly funny Amy Poehler and someone named Rachel Dratch (according to the IMDb, she's been on SNL since 1999, and is in A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. with Poehler), the movie has a plot that any of us could accurately guess, based only on those names. Yep, it's about some thirtysomething women who try to shake things up by going on vacation to a spring break hot-spot. Say it with me now: Yawn. The thing is, though, that at least Posey and Poehler could be hilarious in a movie like this, if they're allowed to show that they're in on the joke -- if the script lets them mock the pathetic absurdity of the whole venture, it actually could be pretty good. If not? Parker Posey, you are dead to me.

The movie starts shooting in the spring break haven of LA later this summer.
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