As the Return of The Man of Steel draws near, the newly famous face of Brandon Routh is popping up all over the place in a mass media marketing blitz of epic proportions. I suppose if anyone deserves such treatment, it is probably Superman. Here's a quick round-up of the new Superman Returns info:
  • Details Magazine (subscription required) has a look at some early script pages, as well as some new stills from filming. It's exclusive, so go have a look and feel important.
  • Doritos and Lays are running a promotional gimmick for the flick called "The Super Power Experience Contest." Winner gets a flight around the world, a super-speed flight in a military trainer, and some new exercise equipment (flight, speed and strength, get it?). Check out the official contest rules and regulations here.
  • The Superman Homepage has a few photos of big old Superman Returns billboards. You've got to admit, they look pretty impressive.
  • Here's an oddball one: the Build-a-Bear Workshop is running a cute little "make a superhero" bear promotion on the week of June 11-19. Buy your bear a Superman costume and get a free Superman: Coming Home book. Coloring book, I believe.
  • Finally, the above mentioned Superman Homepage (working with Warner Bros) is holding a little "Guess Who" contest with officially licensed prizes including theatrical and teaser trailers and some various clothing paraphernalia. Check out the details here. With a little luck and an uncanny ability to identify actors by their ears, you might just win yourself a Superman umbrella.
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