Despite Alan Moore's general discontent with the efforts to turn his comic works into movies, I find myself excited for the translation of Watchmen to the big screen. Watchmen is of course a seminal work in the geek world of comic books, and plans to bring it to cinema have taken a very long time to develop into an actual project. It is finally on the move, however, and deals are being struck as we speak. Composer John Powell, most recently of X- Men: The Last Stand, has just shared a note on his MySpace (does everyone have MySpace these days?) informing the world in general he has been contracted to score Watchmen. While development hasn't really started, Powell says he has started thinking about the film and has already "scribbled a few things down."

Powell is a well established composer, and has done a TON of work over the past decade or so, really breaking it big with his work on Shrek, as I recall. He's been a regular animated feature man, but has also done a fair amount of work on solid action flicks. I can't say his name really jumps off the page, but he's as good a choice as any, and certainly better than a good portion of the field. It'll be interesting to hear what he does for Watchmen.
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