And the horror remakes just keep on comin'.

On Septmber 1st you'll be able to see what Neil LaBute and Nicolas Cage have done to modernize Robin Hardy's cult classic The Wicker Man, but until that time ... here's the trailer.

The original, which I finally tracked down a few years ago AND LOVED, is about a policeman who travels to an isolated British isle to track down a missing girl -- only to discover that the citizens are mixed up in some really disturbing goings-on. Empire Magazine once called The Wicker Man the greatest British film of all time, and it's a flick that's earned a whole lot of fans since it debuted in 1973.

The new version comes bearing an unlikely director in Neil LaBute, the man who gave you In the Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbors, and Nurse Betty. Nicolas Cage steps into the role made famous by Edward Woodward (yes, The Equalizer), and he'll be joined by ladies like Ellen Burstyn, Leelee Sobieski, Frances Conroy and the strangely gorgeous Molly Parker. For a bit more info on the re-do, check out our previous reports here, here, and here.

Color me curious regarding the remake, but like I always say: If a remake of The Fog / The Omen / Dawn of the Dead / etc. gets a few young horror geeks to check out the original versions, then keep the remakes coming. (Having said that, there's really no reason for the remakes to SUCK so often, is there?)
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