Lost star Naveen Andrews, who hasn't had a good movie role since he was the best thing about The English Patient(unless, of course, you count his star turn in TV movie The Chippendales Murder, which I'm sure was stellar), has signed on to appear in Planet Terror, the Robert Rodriguez-helmed half of Grind House. Whether that will break his streak of unmemorable roles is anyone's guess, but it will give him a chance to hang out with zombies, something every honest actor will tell you is a career goal. According to a Grind House producer (tracked down and interrogated by Variety), Andrews will play "a badass military scientist," so he might actually get to kill some zombies, too! Also, I'd like to officially guess right now that he's going to come to a grisly end, possibly involving the eating of his flesh. Just a wild guess, of course, but come on -- scientists in zombie movies always bite it.

The movie, which is due to start shooting (again) in Texas this summer, is due out next April.
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