Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are hoping to elude the paparazzi's lens by getting hitched during the evening. The pair plan to keep their June 25th nuptials in Australia private by holding the ceremony while the sun sets making it difficult for hovering helicopters to get good pictures. Personally, I'd skip the hullabaloo and simply suggest that Kidman pose sideways for her wedding snaps. Nothing screams "private" quite like "invisible". I'd also give the officiating minister's beard a quick tug to make sure Tom Cruise isn't up to his old Ethan Hunt face-mask tricks.

Brittany Murphy is really, really proud of her super-healthy skinniness. The Uptown Girl admitted to eating upwards of 12 eggs a day in order to bulk up and no longer "feel embarrassed about being too tiny."  Thankfully the starlet doesn't feel self-conscious anymore and is quite comfortable in her own skin (hear that Camryn Manheim? Fat girls no longer rule Hollywood!). Explaining her alleged weight-loss, Murphy claimed, "I'm the same size I was in Clueless; it's just that weight in your face changes as you get older." It sure does! And just like magic, all the fat starts wiggling into your upper lip and your arms get scarily toned and your hair turns blond!

Quick, turn the hemp factories back on! Woody Harrelson and his wife welcomed their third daughter, Makani Ravello, into the world this weekend and she's going to need something to wear!

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