Harvey Keitel is apparently just like the characters he plays in the movies - irrational and slightly unhinged.  Keitel's ex-wife, Lorraine Bracco, just finished penning her autobiography entitled, On the Couch.  The book details some of the Pulp Fiction star's crazier outbursts.  For instance, he sent Lorraine's third husband, Edward James Olmos, a machete with a two-foot blade and got his nine year old daughter to tell Olmos, "Daddy said you'd know what to do with it because you're a Mexican."  I didn't know machetes were exclusively Mexican.  I think a clearer and more delicious message could have been sent via a two-foot burrito or a machete-shaped pinata.  Fun for the whole extended family!

In a special Hollywood episode of Little People, Small World, Jeremy Piven and Stephen Dorff butted heads at the NYC hot-spot Bungalow 8.  The boys were all hopped up on V.I.P. treatment and testosterone after attending a P.Diddy party and apparently were feeling quite combative.  Dorff ticked Piven off by skipping ahead of him in the bathroom line and then mouthed off about being entitled to do what he wants!  Then Piven said, "You're a has-been" to which Dorff retorted, "At least I am a movie star - you're only on TV!  Cable TV!".  Oh, snap!  Security separated the twosome before they could further dissect each other's resumes.  For the record, it's cooler to guest star on Father Dowling Mysteries than co-star on Ellen, and a toupee is never acceptable.  

Canadian couple, Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette have officially ended their two year engagement.  If Reynolds wants to keep his relationship off the airwaves, he better steer clear of movie dates with forward women and doing anything ironic/not ironic at all. 

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