As Chris reported the other day, the great Lindsay Lohan (I agree with Chris, by the way, about Mean Girls. I also liked Lohan a lot in Freaky Friday. What the hell happened?) bailed on indie project Bill, ostensibly due to scheduling conflicts. Word on the street, however, is that she has had enough of the independent scene (whether it's because her trailer isn't nice enough or because she actually has problems with inexperienced directors is anyone's guess) -- time will tell on that one, obviously.

Bill directors Bernie Goldmann and Melisa Wallack clearly aren't deeply in mourning over the loss of La Lohan, however. Instead of crying in their beer, they've turned around and hiredJessica Alba to replace her in the role, a casting decision that, if nothing else, should prompt a bunch of teenage boys to make their first visits to arthouse theaters.

The movie, which starts shooting tomorrow (you can see why they were in a hurry to replace Lohan), is about "a man fed up with his job who finds his wife in bed with a local news anchor. He regains a lost sense of self by mentoring an unruly teen and finds inspiration in an intriguing young saleswoman." In addition to Alba, Bill stars Aaron Eckhart as the angry man, Elizabeth Banks and (Yay!) Timothy Olyphant.
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