It was pretty much inevitable that, like Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher would eventually start getting movie gigs from producers who, after watching Desperate Housewives and seeing her face constantly in the tabloids, forget that she still isn't a very good actress. According to The Hollywood Reporter, her first post-Housewives gig will be a supporting role in Resurrecting the Champ, a semi-sports flick we told you about a few months ago.

The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson as a homeless man who reporter Josh Hartnett decides is actually a former boxing champion. In fact, though, he's no such thing, which at one time made the story sound awesome and unpleasant. Now, though, more details about the screenplay have emerged and, while Jackson's character still isn't the guy Hartnett thought he was, it turns out that he was a pro boxer back in the day. So the edge is now totally gone -- boo to that. Hatcher will play "the head of a TV channel who teaches Hartnett the ropes of being a reporter-turned-celebrity" (apparently he turns into a big star as a result of tracking down Jackson's character); the movie heads into production this summer.
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