For reasons unknown and unknowable, the folks at Sony pulled out of any options for a sequel to Guillermo Del Toro'sHellboy comic book movie. After losing Sony, Del Toro went shopping for more funding -- and he has apparently found a new home with the folks over at Paramount. According to Del Toro, the sequel will be "bigger in scale, but not necessarily bigger in budget." He also continued to talk about Abe Sapien's increased role (a concept that makes director and fans alike very happy), and he apparently "giggled" when describing a Barry Manilow song being scheduled for the film. Said Del Toro: "you'll have to find out about how that fits in. I know you are all saying 'what the f**k is that?!'""

I doubt the lack of a "blockbuster" budget will really hurt Del Toro's work with a sequel. The man clearly had a solid vision in creating the first film and staying so true to the pages of the comic book, and I honestly believe he can pull off another great flick with any reasonable budget as long as he returns the actors and continues to work closely with Mignola (the creator of Hellboy).
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