While I'm certain there are numerous small towns across America that host their own film festivals, I felt compelled to write about the first annual Staten Island Film Festival since, well, I grew up there. For those of you not familiar with New York, Staten Island is one of five borough's within the city and, while now closed, it once housed one of the greatest garbage dumps on earth. Wait, did I say greatest or biggest?

Sure, Staten Island may be known as the armpit of New York City, but aside from feeling as if you're living inside a 24-hour Soprano's episode and the occasional scent of rotting garbage, it really is a dandy place to live. Recently, my hometown wrapped up its first film festival with the New York premiere of The Celestine Prophecy, which also took home the Narrative Feature award. Over 100 indie films screened with 1500 people showing up to shell out support. Here's where you ask, "Were you one of those 1500 people Mr. Davis?" To which I will reply, "If I'm not visiting my parents or cashing in a lotto ticket, I see no reason to subject myself to the torture that is Staten Island." For a full list of awards and more information about the festival, feel free to visit its website.