Here's a bugger for you -- Jessica Alba has indicated that  Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) will again find herself in a love triangle when Fantastic Four 2 arrives, but this time with The Silver Surfer. When it was hinted that Sue would get involved with another hero, I of course presumed this meant Namor, but apparently I was incorrect. Alba's exact comments were: "He's a little good and a little bad. So it's just a matter of, 'What does Sue Storm bring - the good or the bad - out of that boy?'" A rather glib description of Galactus' Herald, but I suppose it suffices. Aside from the excitement of seeing the Surfer, his appearance is good because it indicates a Galactus film on the horizon, most probably in the form of Fantastic Four 3.

On a somewhat related note, I have it on very good authority that earlier reports of the sequel being named The Next Chapter are nothing to worry about. The film will have a much better, much flashier title when it really gets moving, so we can all relax on the whole "what a lame title" deal.
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