Between hosting his cheesy but, you know, really helpful telethon (Theater employees actually used to collect for Jerry's Kids before movies in Cape Cod. Do they still do that now anywhere?) and appearing on Larry King Live, Jerry Lewis has announced that he will be directing a stage production of The Nutty Professor. The play, starring singer-comedian-egomaniac Michael Andrew, is expected to debut in San Diego next January with an eye to hitting Broadway in the fall of 2008.

What's great about this project is Lewis' total honesty about his involvement -- basically, he's never been particularly interested in doing a stage version of this movie (people have asked, apparently), and only agreed to give it a shot when this Andrew guy came along with a huge pile of money and said "Hey, kids! Let's put on a show!" That, said Lewis, changed his attitude right around. "I saw this kid perform, and he wanted very much to do [The Nutty Professor], and he had money. ... I said, 'With those pockets, we'll give it a shot.'" Go Jerry. I mean, just imagine how much nicer things would be if people in Hollywood were that honest about the power of money!
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