One of the weird things about film festivals (well, to me at least, maybe it's not to anyone else) is the concept of "hold review" films. "Hold review", as the term implies, means that we aren't supposed to publish full reviews of certain films until their actual release date. This makes sense from a distributor's standpoint, because they want reviews to go up right as the film is coming out, so that, theoretically, the plethora of reviews will drive butts into seats, and give the distribs some return on their investment. The interesting thing is, that probably half the films on the SIFF review list are films that Cine has already reviewed from earlier fests, before said films acquired distrib, and generally speaking, when we run a fest review of a film that scores distrib down the road, we almost always run another review then, with a pointer back to our fest review.

Since we prefer to stay in the good graces of our friends at both the distributor and fest end of things, though, we nonetheless rigorously comply with the "hold review" lists. We can tease you, we can tantalize ... we just can't tell you everything you want to know. Here's what we can tell you about the SIFF films I've seen so far for which I can't give you full reviews ... yet (think of it as a little cinematic foreplay) -- and links to those for which we've previoiusly run reviews.

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