The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that the CoenBrothers have added some more meat to their contemporary Western thriller, No Country for Old Men. Just hearing the words 'Western' and 'Coen Brothers' in the same sentence gets me so juiced, Barry Bonds would be jealous. Ooohh, was that a sports reference on Cinematical? Arrest me now!

Woody Harrelson and Stephen Root have signed on to play roles in the pic, which is based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. Story will center around a gent (as Martha would say) who happens upon a bag full of money and drugs while out hunting antelope. Needless to say, the guy takes the bag home where he and his mates have one helluva night. Okay, that's not correct. Though he does take the bag, its owners soon come looking, landing our hero on the run and in serious trouble. Assuming Tommy Lee Jones (who also stars in the film) will play the lead, Harrelson could be heading toward a part as the nasty, drug-addicted villain. Seems like the perfect fit -- after all, the dude was pretty convincing in Natural Born Killers. Eh?

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