Starting in 2008, movies are going to get a whole lot cheesier. At the beginning of that year, a new tax incentive in Wisconsin will draw film productions to the state in hopes of building a stronger movie industry there. With one of the more generous breaks out there, Wisconsin will be competing with other states that have benefited from such programs -- and they seem to work. After Louisiana offered an incentive, Hollywood produced a great number of movies there (think of how many New Orleans-set films you saw in the past few years).

Aside from being attracted to the savings, though, filmmakers don't have a lot to look forward to in Wisconsin. There is a lack of soundstages, a lack of crews and a lack of good hotels. Plus, I hear it gets so cold in parts of the state that they have school closings on low temperature days. There have been some memorable films shot in Wisconsin, of course: Back to School; Mr. 3000; The Omen II and III (aka Damien and The Final Conflict, respectively). Well, producers, at least remember the state if you have any scenes calling for a surplus of dairy cows.

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