Though Devil in a Blue Dress wasn't as consistently strong as one (meaning I) might have hoped, it did offer us Walter Mosley's duo, Easy Rawlins and his violent buddy Mouse, played by two pretty fantastic actors; Don Cheadle, in particular, was riveting as the almost-unhinged Mouse. Because of his performance and the huge presence of Denzel Washington, it's always been hard to imagine that anyone with any brains would take on another of Mosley's books without them, just because replacing that duo is such a daunting task. HBO Films, however, is up to the task, and they've grabbed a pretty impressive pair of actors to play the roles: According to Variety,Jeffrey Wright and Mos Def will star in HBO's screen version of Mosley's Little Scarlet, though they haven't yet decided who will take which role.

Well, hell. That's ... awesome. Both men are truly great actors (I actually saw them on stage together in Top Dog/Underdog, and Wright's performance was so powerful that I completely forgot I'd bought the ticket because I wanted to see Cheadle), and with Mosley writing the screenplay, this movie has a hell of a lot of promise. And my vote is for Mos Def to play Mouse. Just, you know, if anyone from HBO Films wanders by and really wants some blogger advice.
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