Over at his brand, spanking new, mind-numbingly slow-loading homepage, Zach Braff is very pleased with himself. He thinks his website is really, really cool (Did I mention how slowly it loads? I grew a beard waiting for the fancy flash nonsense to appear.) because it offers a blog and a list of music he's listening to, but no wallpaper. Wallpaper, you see, is beneath both Zach and his fans. If you love him, by all means set aside a few hours and go hang out there (It's not that there's so much content, just, well, you know.) for a bit. For the rest of you, there's a single reason to visit: The site is hosting what Braff claims is an exclusive preview of Tony Goldwyn'sThe Last Kiss, in which he stars alongside Jacinda Barrett (Who else loves how her Real World past has pretty much vanished from all press releases?), Rachel Bilson, and Casey Affleck. Paul Haggis wrote the screenplay, which is an adaptation of an Italian film written and directed by Gabriele Muccino, whose American debut, The Pursuit of Happyness stars his new bff Will Smith and is due out later this year.)

Anyway, the preview is wordless and features a lot Braff, much angst, some tuxes, a touch of sex, and a cool old school Jeep; The Last Kiss is due in theaters this September.

[via Pop Candy]
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