Imagine being a 17-year-old high school senior from Long Island who works part-time scooping ice cream and learning that, after a nationwide search, you're going to play Tracy Turnblad in the updated big-screen version of Hairspray. That's exactly what happened to Nikki Blonsky from Great Neck, NY after director Adam Shankman brought her the good news himself via a laptop computer while she was still at work.

The whole what-to-do went down on Entertainment Tonight as cameras were there to catch her reaction. Not for nothing, but you're surrounded by a crowd of people and a crew from Entertainment Tonight -- what did you expect to happen? Perhaps Shankman could have popped up on the screen and said something like, "Your audition was great, however, your boss at the ice cream shop claimed summer was his busiest season. Therefore, he couldn't let you go. Sorry." Now, if her reaction to that sentence was caught on camera and broadcast live across the country, then maybe I'd watch Entertainment Tonight more often.

While Blonsky may be an unknown actress, she joins a cast full of familiar talent. Just the other day, it was revealed that Amanda Bynes will be playing the role of Penny Pingleton, Turnblad's best friend. Also attached are John Travolta and Queen Latifah, with Rowan Atkinson and Michelle Pheiffer rumored to have snatched up a part as well.


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