Author's Note: The following post contains large amounts of gushing fanboy praise. If you are not a Christian Bale fan, this post is probably not for you. But I bet you'll read it anyway. You should, it's funny.

Seriously, do they come any cooler than Christian Bale? Today's story of why Bale is fantastic comes to us via the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really a big awards show fan (I know, I know ... shame on me as a movie journalist), and I'm also nothing even resembling a fan of MTV ... but every now and then something good comes out of them.

Here's the scene: the cast of upcoming summer superhero flick Superman Returns was on stage to present an award for Best Hero. The award naturally went to Christian Bale for his performance as Batman in BatmanBegins, and when Bale accepted the award from the hands of Brandon Routh he good-naturedly commented "Sorry Superman, but Batman is the bada**." He went on to promise the audience there will be more Batman flicks, and called his wife Sibi Blazic "my personal Wonder Woman."

Okay, so the last bit was a little cheesy ... but you know it was a good line. It also echoed a comment made by Routh's girlfriend, who commented that even when Routh was just a bartender, he was "always my Superman." Can't you just feel the hero love? At any rate, I fully expect to enjoy Superman Returns, and I honestly expect Routh to make a very good Man of Steel -- but Bale was right in his assessment ... especially when Batman is being played by Christian Bale.