It's usually around this time of the year that movie buffs sigh and -- settling back on the rocking chair on their metaphorical porch -- reminisce wistfully about how they don't make summer movies like they used to. This, of course, inspires the daydream: What if they did? Specifically (as I was inclined to contemplate after a few deck beers) what if you made (or, for that matter, re-made) the three films that began with 1977's Star Wars today? The following's just an exercise -- think of it as the film nerd equivalent of Fantasy Football -- but here are a few picks for the leads in the original Star Wars trilogy, if you re-cast them today. Only two ground rules: No one who's been in a Star Wars film so far (sorry, Keira Knightley) and, well, no one from Serenity, either -- that's too easy. Alternate picks are included, too, if you want to go lower-budget ... and if you want to weigh in, there are fabulous prizes (well, prize) for the best cast of seven submitted by our readers. ...

1) Luke Skywalker: You want someone young and determined, who can grow into strength from uncertainty -- whoever gets this role has to be able to whine about the power converters and swing a lightsaber. My pick would be Ryan Gosling -- he's a good actor, has a strong presence, and his small-town Canadian roots would help him fill in what it's like to grow up on Tatooine. Alternate Pick: Shane West (ER; A Walk to Remember)  for the same reasons.

2) Princess Leia: Any Leia should be able to go from a diplomatic event to a gunfight and still look great doing either: Brains, pluck, sass and class. My pick would actually be Rosario Dawson, for all the above reasons, and as you can believe her as somene Han and Luke would fall for instantly. Alternate Pick: Evangeline Lilly, and not just for the barge bikini. But that'd be nice, too.

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