Since I don't have a dog and I don't shop at Kroger stores, I apparently missed the news that the Walt Disney Co. has been selling Old Yellerbrand dog food. A lot of it. Never mind the fact that if I did have a dog, I wouldn't feed it a product named for an infamously killed animal from an old film. Other people are into the idea, though, and now Disney is into the idea of further merchandising its brand into the pet food and accessory markets. First up, the company is planning for a cat food line (may I suggest Aristocats brand?) and a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed aquarium. And thanks to Paris Hilton and her penchant for playing dress-up with her Chihuahua, Disney wants to concentrate much of its focus on pet clothes and collars.

I don't know what is more surprising, that Disney execs are making decisions based on what they see Paris Hilton do, or that they've now discovered they can market pretty much anything. What is next after they take over the pet product industry? Honestly I think they could sell Bambibrand deer poop and people would buy it.
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