If you read yesterday's announcement about John Powell signing on for the upcoming Watchmen movie ... oops. I fully apologize. I, like most of the internet, got snookered by that wily MySpace beast. With so many legitimate people using MySpace for actual newsing these days, it is sometimes easy to forget the site is very open, and very easily manipulated. Like IMDB, Wikipedia, and various other open-to-the-public sites, just about anyone can log on and fool people ... at least for a few hours. As it turns out, the story posted yesterday on John Powell's MySpace about Powell taking a composing job for Watchmen is utterly false. The page doesn't even belong to Powell, as confirmed by his publicist. This news really doesn't bother me in any particular way -- as I said yesterday, Powell is a talented man but certainly not the only one capable of doing the work. Currently the much greater concern is the integrity of the script; Watchmen is such a seminal work I fear for it being mishandled.
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