Yes, it is true, Kevin Smith has not yet abandoned hope for the incredibly long-rumored animated sequel to his first cult hit, Clerks. He brought it up again during a Q and A appearance at this year's Wizard World in Philadelphia. You can read a rather verbose review of the whole session here, and it is typically amusing Smith style. He even insists this is his favorite, best movie ever (something he tends to insist about each new film ... which is probably a good thing). The most interesting bit in my opinion, however, was his announcement of a direct-to-DVD animated series for Clerks called Clerks: Sell Out, in which Dante and Randall make a movie about working in the Quick Stop. And he further admitted in all candor not to expect the film immediately, as he has a penchant for announcing projects well, well in advance of their release.

I'll openly admit to enjoying Kevin Smith. I don't think his work is necessarily great cinema, but I do think it tends to be flat out enjoyable; and the latter is a real selling point for me when it comes to my movie going experience. Additionally, I absolutely adore the sadly short-lived Clerks cartoon series, which contains more humor in six episodes than most TV series do in several seasons. I'm ecstatic at the thought of more animated Clerks. Fanboy ... well, yes. I understand people who don't like Kevin Smith, and I understand (and occasionally agree with) their criticisms. But when it comes right down to it, View Askew makes me smile.
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