Worry though I might over the potential for success when it comes to Marvel's upcoming Ghost Rider movie, I can't help but get excited about the film when I hear Nicolas Cage discussing it. Weird, I know -- getting psyched up by Nic Cage, but I swear it's happening. The reason? Well, the man is entirely enraptured by the character. He's a real fan, and he loves the film. When he talks about it you can feel the eagerness leaking out of him. In the same way that it's gratifying to hear Patrick Stewart talk about how much he loves being Professor X, it does my geek heart good to hear another actor so excited about being in the Marvelverse.

You can read a full recent interview here, where you'll find Cage raving about the nature of the story, the hard-edged fun of his character, and the sheer awesomeness of the Hell Cycle. You'll also learn that Cage has been reading Marvel comics since he was a child, and actually owned Ghost Rider#1, and you'll learn the sad story of Cage losing his most valuable comics. He indicates the possibility for a sequel (of course entirely dependent on the success of the first film) and his willingness to appear in more comic book movies. What can I say -- the guy is a fan. And he's earned yet more geek-cred respect in my eyes.

Hm. I just wrote a post singing the praises of Nicolas Cage. Life is always full of surprises.
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