I've been looking forward to Alfonso Cuarón'sChildren of Men ever since we first heard about it last year, and I swear it's not just because Cinematical boyfriend Clive Owen is the star. The movie, based on a PD James novel about a future without sperm, sounds creepy and weird and is in fantastic hands with Cuarón -- what's not to love? Alongside Owen, the film stars Julianne Moore as his ex-wife (a small-ish part, it appears), Michael Caine as a pot-smoking pal of Owen's (no lie) and the very pretty Charlie Hunnam as ... someone.

The movie is due in theaters at the end of September and, based on the appearance of a couple of reviews at AICN, it looks as if test screenings have begun. While most of the screening reports that show up at AICN tend to feature wildly mixed reactions and lots of fanboy ramblings, the offerings on Children of Men are both reasonably well-written and incredibly positive, not to mention wildly complimentary about the work Cuarón has done in the film -- go check them out for yourselves. Me, I'm officially really, really excited.
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