After questioning which of several projects James Cameron was going to approach next, we were happy to hear he had finally chosen one in Project 880 (formely known as Avatar), though no one really knew what it would be about. Part of me felt that, out of 880 possibly projects, Cameron flipped a coin and chose, well, #880. Now, not only do we have a plot description, but also a bunch of character descriptions. (Note: Sorry Arnold fans, but none of these descriptions seem to ask for a juiced-up Governor, hell-bent on returning to the big screen in an attempt to kick some major ass.)

According to the casting notice put forth by Movie City News, story will surround a paraplegic war veteran who travels to a different planet, complete with its own language and culture. And no, the planet is not called New Jersey. Interestingly enough, its name is Pandora, home to the Na'vi. Hmm, as in Pandora's Box? As in going there will release a world of trouble? The rest of the plot description goes on to say that those from Earth don't exactly "connect" with the folks up on Pandora. This leads me to assume some major sh*t will go down. Sweet!

From checking out the character descriptions it seems a love triangle will show up at some point, as well as a good amount of medical and military action. Personally, I'm pumped up about the project and welcome Cameron's return to space. It's about damn time.

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