Here is a quick update for all you clamoring fans anxiously, breathlessly awaiting a sequel to Frank Miller's Sin City. There's not a lot of detail in this update, but there is some solid, encouraging news which should perk you up for a while. Robert Rodriguez (in an interview discussing his upcoming joint project with Tarantino, Grindhouse) dropped a few words about the plan of action for Sin City 2. According to Rodriguez, "We're going to start that probably in about six months." Nothing like a certain, confident answer -- but at least it is something, right?

Following on the heels of Jessica Alba's film schedule comments, we get official confirmation for Fantastic Four 2 shooting. Shooting will indeed begin in August (the 15th, to be precise) and will last until the end of December. In addition, you can find a big old crew list here; the major detail seems to be production designer Kirk Petruccelli of Ghost Rider replacing Bill Boes.
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