Bryan Singer hasn't even brought his Superman film to the big screen yet, and he's already teasing fans with promises of interesting cut scenes. In the midst of a long interview, Singer indicated a "pretty significant sequence" was cut from the film in interest of time (it's always hard to trim down these attempted epics). Fans shouldn't worry about missing out on the eliminated scene, however, as Singer also indicated it is quite likely the bit will make its way onto a special-edition DVD at some point in the future. Singer described the scene by saying: "It's kind of a fun look into Superman's journey off the Earth (into space that) I didn't use it in the movie."

Singer said the cut might not make the first-edition DVD printing, but will likely appear on some edition at some point. This, of course, is what angry fans like to refer to as "double dipping," and Singer is already pitching for more than one DVD release. We know the arguments -- it is hard to get out a fully developed special edition as quickly as most companies like to get DVDs on the market; and some fans just like paying 20 bucks for a standard edition anyway -- but it nonetheless gets under the skin of many a fan. So if you are, in fact, one of the people who really likes Superman, watches the film three or four times and helps it get out to a great opening day release ... you can rest happy with the knowledge that the casual, everyday movie watcher will get his hands on a DVD much sooner than you will. Unless, that is, you want to pay for two copies.
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