I know you are feeling overwhelmed with Superman Returnsnews these days -- trust me, I'm feeling it too. There is a lot of information out there these days in the final run-up to the film; some of it is worth reading and some of it isn't. Typically, we like the stories which give us a little look into the world of film making or some early "inside" information. Every now and then there's just a fun little anecdotal story which pops up, and that's what today's post brings you. It's nothing earth-shattering, there's no secret information or breaking news ... there's just a story to make you laugh.

Brandon Routh was apparently quite humbled by being cast as the legendary and iconic Man of Steel, and worried over living up to the famous standards of the past. In order to bring his best performance to the table, Routh hit the gym and did some serious working out to get his body into Super shape. According to Routh it worked quite well, as his newly muscled physique several times burst the seams on his costume and the costume desiners were forced to repeatedly patch it up. Routh's answer was: "So I just eased off the workouts but I was pretty proud of getting myself in good shape because when I first tested the suit I didn't have the kind of build I wanted."

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