Yes, Bryan Singer has repeatedly assured us his Supermanfilm is intended to be a sequel to Superman 1and Superman 2 (but maybe not quite so much the third and fourth installments); dude even went so far as to name the film Superman RETURNS to prove his intentions of building on the foundation laid down by his predecessors, unlike several of the previously aborted attempts at bringing the Man of Steel back to the silver screen. Now here we are, practically on top of the worldwide release of Superman Returns, and the two people most important to the script (aside from Singer himself) have suggested the film might not be an actual sequel.

As Scott told us last week, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris, the screenwriters of Returns, recently sat down for a Q and A with In Focus; and when asked about the sequel nature of the film they sorta hemmed and hawed their way around it. They candidly admitted that calling the film a sequel may be disingenuous, as it only partially follows the plot of the originals. According to Mike and Dan the team cherry picked ideas and concepts from the films as they remembered them; staying true to the main thrust and the the "feel" of early Superman flicks but not necessarily creating a sequel. Think of it more like Bond, they say -- a great franchise with a great lead character and a universe that technically has continuity, but doesn't always dwell on making the stories fit nicely together in sequential format. It's certainly not a remake, but it might not be best labeled a sequel, either. Michael said: "But I think I have to sit down with Bryan and discuss this with him, because he went to a comic-book convention and said, "Yeah, I guess you could think of this as 'Superman III.'" I just slapped my head and said, "Oh! No! No!"

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