The American Film Institute held its Annual Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony Thursday night, and Sean Connery was honored. But the big news of the night was that AFI's chief executive, Jean Picker Firstenberg, resigned and will be leaving her post at the end of this year. She stated that her reason for departing has to do with the new digital age, which she is too old to lead her organization into. The 70-year-old has served as AFI's head since 1980.

Most people don't really understand what AFI does these days besides making unnecessary 100-best lists that are better left to the pop magazines to compile. It is actually an accredited graduate film school and also a non-profit that focuses on film preservation and history. So, while Firstenberg may have problems comprehending the digital filmmaking going on in the classrooms, I think she must also see herself becoming obsolete as films enter easier preservation in the form of data rather than celluloid. Or, she's actually as tired of those stupid lists as I am.